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Empower the Drive

From the beginning, we have stood as the challenger, eager to explore the potential of automotive evolution. To take technology further.  To push the boundaries of design and blend the contrasts of power and elegance. To defy the conventions of performance and find the perfect balance of exhilaration and economy. Like you, we live our life beyond the comfort zone.

Designed with a powerful presence, crafted by human hands.  It is unmistakeably, memorably INFINITI.  Each aspect of design is distinctive, pulling seemingly contrasting elements together into a harmonious duality. This ‘Powerful Elegance’ is at the heart of our philosophy. From the focused human eye headlights, to the double-arch grille, to crescent cut pillars and the silhouette.

  • Powerful Performance

    Designed to exhilarate. Engineered to unleash. When your hands grip the wheel of an INFINITI, you feel empowered to drive forward with conviction. It’s why we design every vehicle to deliver unrelenting power that adapts to your journey, whether bursts of acceleration or long-distance efficiency, driving you to conquer the road ahead.

  • Taking Technology Further

    Total freedom demands total control. Our driver-centred technologies enhance your every sense. We believe that what you drive should unlock your potential – a principle at the heart of every INFINITI. Since 1989, we’ve been first with technologies that effortlessly extend your capabilities, putting you at the centre of every journey, responding to every condition, empowering you to go beyond.

  • Connecting Your Drive

    Our cabin technologies keep you connected to your world, even as you navigate through it. We believe in a drive that is a seamless extension of your life and have created synchronized technologies, so that time spent with your INFINITI is as comfortable as it is productive - connecting to your digital life, through your car.

Our After Sales Services

Our After Sales Services

Genuine spare parts boasting an inventory comprising of 60,000 line items including accessories for all models and key-value parts. We also supply:

  • Mechanical Services
  • Body shop repairs
  • Rust proofing services
  • Quick lube - Express Service
  • Car wash service